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Adria Rae Lovely Princess

By   2016-09-05

Adria Rae is a hot piece of ass from Studio City, CA. She moved to the West Coast to pursue a career as an actress, but when she started stripping to help pay the bills, she realized she found her calling. Adria loved the sexual energy that is generated when she hits the stage to strip. She feels on top of the world as all eyes are on her, watching her every move. Adria still goes on auditions around town, but she is very careful to select roles that allow her to keep dancing and having fun. Everyone has a life outside of work and Adria\'s is filled with good friends, good food and lots...


Jayden Cole

By   2016-07-16

Jayden Cole is not the kind of girl you want to bring home to meet your mom, but she is exactly the kind of girl you want to bring home to meet your other girlfriends! Always ready to party and open-minded to the possibilities of wherever your might lead her love life, getting Jayden Cole excited is even easier than you might expect!


Skin Diamond Purely Academic

By   2016-01-25

Skin Diamond is making her VirtuaGirl debut and we couldn\'t be more ecstatic. With a body that doesn\'t quit and an attitude to match, Skin knows she\'s hot and she is ready to turn you on. Skin Diamond is a well established pornstar but she is excited to have more intimate connections with her fans. Skin wants you to know she is looking right at you as she shakes her booty and caresses her soft skin for your pleasure. When she\'s not on set for work, Skin is actively building her entrepreneurial endeavors. She learned to diversify her interests from the big American rap moguls and she hopes...


Megan Rain Learning Curves

By   2016-01-25

If you think you recognize Megan Rain, you probably do! Megan is a world famous porn star and we are thrilled to have her dancing for you here at Virtua Girl. Megan is from Las Vegas and like the city of lights, she lights up every stage she steps on. Megan takes charge when she dances. Her moves are big and bold and she likes looking right into the camera to grab and hold your attention. During her time off the stage, Megan enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends and shopping. Fashion is her passion and when she retires from the stage, she wants to design her own lingerie line.


Heidi Romanova / Intimacy Games

By   2015-05-03

Heidi Romanova is the very definition of sexy. This twenty year old beauty from Latvia is a former hairdresser that went to a burlesque show with friends and got hooked on the art of stripping. She studied the history of stripping and burlesque for over a year before she decided to take the stage herself to give her first performance. It was a life changing moment for Heidi and she realized that stripping is what she was meant to do. Her shows are always different and evolving as her love of the art grows. Heidi considers her fans lovers and she gives everything she has up there on the stage...

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Lucy Li / Dreamy Date

By   2015-04-17

Lucy Li is a certified athletic trainer that discovered her love of stripping when she began teaching a pole dancing class. Lucy was asked to fill in for a colleague one day and run an aerobic pole dancing class and from the moment the cold pole hit her hands, she was hooked! Lucy gets off on the empowerment she gets when stripping for an audience. She is in control, she is running the show and she is sharing her innermost sexuality with you, right there on stage.

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Sapphira A / Obedient slave

By   2015-04-11

Sapphira A is wild at heart! At 21 years old she has already traveled the world, gone skydiving and participated in an endurance race. Sapphira loves the rush that a good adventure gives her and she tells us she gets that same rush from stripping. Sapphira loves to be wanted sexually and she gets a charge from turning people on. We know you are going to enjoy all the performances she gives as she makes her VirtuaGirl debut!

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Sharon Lee / Shadow Dance

By   2015-04-01

Sharon Lee is from Bordeaux France and she is not afraid to tell you she enjoys the finer things in life. French lingerie, expensive perfume, 5 star hotels and attending exclusive VIP events is what gets Sharon Lee off. But so does stripping on stage and getting off in front of an audience. Her life as a porn star allows her to afford all of these luxuries, while simultaneously indulging in every one of her sexual fantasies. From vanilla erotica right up to light BDSM play and wild orgy parties Sharon Lee lives life to the fullest!